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Адрес: пров. Чжэцзян, г. Вэньлин, поселок Угэнь,
область механической промышленности Сячэн.
Факс: 86-576-86906851
горячая линия реализации: 4001-863-888

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Technical Innovation

Technical Innovation

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Product policy: 
Excellent quality, perfect welding.
Customers first, dignity supreme.


Our enterprise ideas: 
Making profit, serving customers and building happiness,
Building happiness through bettering ideas for the staff,
Building happiness through establishing standards for customers,
Building happiness through protecting the nature for the society.


Operation Principles: 
Dedicated to the common cause of Rosdn,
Strict in discipline and wise in management,
Encouraging the colleagues forever,
Exchanging with colleagues to the greatest extent,
Being grateful to every contribution made by the colleagues,
Sharing both the risk and benefit,
Listening to the view from every colleague,
Surprise customers and colleagues with better quality and services,
Always cost less than the competitors,
Making profit, serving customers, building happiness.